Erewash Borough Council election results

The results for the 2023 Erewash Borough Council election are below.

Labour are now the controlling group of Erewash Borough Council with 28 councillors, Conservatives have 16, Green party, 1, Independent,1, Liberal Democrats,1.

Labour won with a majority of nine.

The turnout was 33.72 % overall. 24.39% voted in person. 71.46% were postal votes.

Awsworth Road (2): 

DAWSON, James Clifford Hedley, Labour Party: 551

HARE, Josy, Labour Party: 489

POUND, Ryan Jonathon, The Conservative Party: 222

WRIGGLESWORTH, Heather, The Conservative Party: 214

Labour hold

Breaston (2): 

BEARDMORE, Victoria Jane, Labour Party: 239

CARLESS, Nicky, Labour Party: 218

MILLER, Kevin Philip, The Conservative Party Candidate: 740

MILLS, Ann Marie, Green Party: 725

PARKINSON, Robert Alan, The Conservative Party Candidate: 669

POLAND, James Brent ,The Green Party: 656

Green party gain 1, conservative hold 1.

Cotmanhay (2):

BREENE, Alex, Labour Party 466

BURNS, Linda, Maxine Labour Party 469

FOWKES, Chad Alan, The Conservative Party 343

SMITH, Maria Joanne, The Conservative Party 328

Labour hold.

Derby Road East (2):

GRIFFITHS, Howard, Labour Party: 634 

GRIFFITHS, Margaret, Labour Party: 650

HICKTON, Tom, The Conservative Party: 211

PAGE, Chris, The Conservative Party: 264

THWAITES, Kenneth Richard, Independent: 286

Labour hold.

Derby Road West (3):

HICKTON, Garry Keith, The Conservative Party: 864

HICKTON, Gerri, The Conservative Party: 848

NEWTON, Lewis, Labour Party: 1,016

OSEMAN, Jane Elizabeth, Liberal Democrat: 400

PACE, Mick, Labour Party: 976

PITT, Dan, The Conservative Party Candidate: 881

POOLE, Claire Marie, Labour Party: 1,039

Labour gain

Draycott and Risley (2):

BOULD, Richard Kendal, Labour Party: 390

CLARE, Val, The Conservative Party: 565

DRAYCOTT, Deena, The Green Party: 178

SCOTT, Tim, The Conservative Party: 534

TAVENER, Graham Francis, The Green Party: 129

WARD, Jo, Labour Party: 379

Conservative hold.

Hallam Fields (2): 

ALFREY, Mark James, Labour Party: 654

FENNELLY, Kate, Labour Party: 689

TRIBBENSEE, Kevin Roger, The Conservative Party: 400

WRIGHT, Jon, The Conservative Party: 407

Labour gain.

Kirk Hallam and Stanton By Dale (3):

BEECHING, Russell Jeffrey, The Conservative Party: 389

GIBSON, Aaron Patrick, The Conservative Party: 376

GREEN, Steve, Labour Party: 747

MOORE, Emma Jane, Labour Party: 755

PRINCE, Andrew Paul, The Conservative Party Candidate: 414

STRATFORD, Geoff, Labour Party: 694

Labour hold

Larklands (3):

CLARKE, Mike, The Conservative Party: 491

GREEN, John Alexander Russell, The Conservative Party: 510

LAMBERT, Alan Leslie, Labour Party: 897

PHILLIPS, Frank Charles, Labour Party: 864

PHILLIPS, Pam, Labour Party: 867

WRIGHT, Helen Joyce, The Conservative Party: 523

Labour hold

Little Eaton and Stanley (2):

CARR, Michael John, Liberal Democrat: 294

EDDY, Bethan Sian, The Conservative Party: 600

REVILL, Sam, The Conservative: 605

SCOTT, Dave, Labour Party: 466

SCOTT, Helen Mary, Labour Party: 547

Conservative hold

Little Hallam (2):

BEARDSLEY, Sue, The Conservative Party: 505

BROADHURST, Harrison Joseph Peter, Labour Party: 624

HOPKINSON, Mary, The Conservative Party: 516

MEE, Jill, Liberal Democrat: 116

SNAITH, Dave, Labour Party  569

Labour gain.

Long Eaton central (3): 

BRYAN, Joel Martin, Labour Party: 1,037

BURTON, Shaun Stewart, The Conservative Party: 631

COULSON, Paris Peter, The Conservative Party: 569

EVERETT, Becca, Labour Party: 1051

HOWARD, Curtis Cooper, Labour Party: 979

MAKIN, Kathleen Julia, The Conservative Party: 602

Labour gain 1, hold 2

Nottingham Road (2):

DEWIS, Martin Andrew Bryan, Independent: 171

LEWIS, Bryn James, The Conservative Party: 461

PLUMMER, Emma Louise, Labour Party: 649

SWINSCOE, Ashley, The Conservative Party: 409

THOMAS, Gordon Francis, Labour Party: 602

Labour gain 1 seat, hold 1.

Ockbrook and Borrowash (3): 

BARNES, Neil, Labour Party: 482

HOLBROOK, Terry, Independent: 341

KNIGHT, Bob, Labour Party: 478

LOCKE, Richard Mark, The Conservative Party: 767

MARKWELL, Graham, Independent: 578

MASKALICK, Greg, Independent: 756

PASLEY, Robert Charles, Labour Party: 426

STEVENSON, Tania Elizabeth, Independent: 572

WALLIS, Mike, Independent: 331

WARREN, Sue, Independent: 341

WHITE, Jane Catherine, The Conservative Party: 756

WHITE, Michael William, The Conservative Party: 718

Conservatives lose 1 seat to independent. 

Sandiacre (3):

BILBIE, Steve, The Conservative Party Candidate: 927

MAJOR, Wayne Stephen, The Conservative Party Candidate: 919

PECK, Andrew George ,Labour Party: 800

PITTS, Karen Lynn, The Green Party: 250

PITTS, Simon Mark, The Green Party: 271

POLLARD, Richard, Labour Party: 762

SANGHERA, Tony, The Conservative Party: 808

WILDS, Gary Ernest, Labour Party: 742

conservative hold

Sawley (3):

ATKINSON, Harry William, Labour Party: 784

CHEWINGS, Denis Alan, Independent:625

DOYLE, Dave, Labour Party: 857

MAGINNIS, Paul, The Conservative Party: 798

PEAT, Rob, Labour Party: 726

SEWELL, John Richard, The Conservative Party: 778

SIMMONS, Deborah Kristin, The Conservative Party: 747

Labour gain 1 seat.

Shipley View (2):

ARCHER, Charles, Labour Party: 741

CRICK, Caroline Lesley, The Conservative Party: 573

CUSTANCE, Val. The Conservative Party: 614

ROBERTS, Naomi, Labour Party: 725

Labour gain.

West Hallam and Dale Abbey (3):

BEALE, Thomas Ashton, Labour Party: 286

CARR-WILLIAMSON, George, Labour Party: 252

COX, Diane Hilda, The Conservative Party: 726

FLATLEY, Robert Frederick, The Conservative Party: 768

HART, Carol Ann, The Conservative Party: 1,000

MEE, Robert Mark, Liberal Democrat: 1,030

NIBLETT, Samantha Ruth Margaret, Labour Party: 277

RICHARDS, Alexander, Liberal Democrat: 705

TOGNI, Angela, Liberal Democrat: 696

Two conservative seats held, 1 lib dem

Wilsthorpe (3):

ARCHER, James Martin, Liberal Democrat: 651

ATHWAL, Kewal Singh, The Conservative Party: 869

BARRETT, Ross Anthony, Labour Party: 661

CORBETT, Christopher Graham, The Conservative Party: 833

DAWSON, Matthew Ian, Liberal Democrat: 447

HALL-EVANS, Ben, The Conservative Party: 767

JACKSON, Rose Emily, Labour Party: 673

SMITH, Jennifer Claire, Liberal Democrat: 437

TAMBER-WOLF, Ashira, Labour Party: 573

Conservative hold

Parish Council results:

Ockbrook & Borrowash - Borrowash East parish ward

DUNN, Ashley Christopher James Ockbrook & Borrowash Neighbourhood Network (OBNN): 410 

EAGLESHAM-ATKINS, Katie Ockbrook & Borrowash Neighbourhood Network (OBNN): 417 

LOCKE, Jayne Anne The Conservative Party Candidate: 245

MANN, John Edward The Conservative Party Candidate: 221

MILLWARD, Christine Amanda Ockbrook & Borrowash Neighbourhood Network (OBNN): 418

SMALLEY, Richard Jason The Conservative Party Candidate: 225

SMITH, Patrick Alan David The Conservative Party Candidate: 218

STEVENSON, Tania Elizabeth Ockbrook & Borrowash Neighbourhood Network (OBNN): 421

Turnout: 33.6%

Ockbrook & Borrowash - Borrowash West parish ward

CRESSWELL, Sarah Elizabeth, Ockbrook & Borrowash Neighbourhood Network (OBNN): 631

GILL, Josephine The Conservative Party Candidate: 274

MARKWELL, Graham, Ockbrook & Borrowash Neighbourhood Network (OBNN): 565

MASKALICK, Greg, Ockbrook & Borrowash Neighbourhood Network (OBNN): 596

STEVENSON, Adrian Mark The Conservative Party Candidate: 239

THOMAS, Kay, Ockbrook & Borrowash Neighbourhood Network (OBNN): 550

WHITE, Jane Catherine The Conservative Party Candidate: 272

WHITE, Michael William The Conservative Party Candidate: 248

Turnout: 43.9%

Ockbrook Parish Ward

FAZACKERLEY, Janet Mary The Conservative Party Candidate: 292

FRASER-BURTON, Julie Carole Independent: 314

FRASER-BURTON, Stephen Independent: 292

HOLBROOK, Terry Independent - Working for the Community: 157

LOCKE, Richard Mark The Conservative Party Candidate: 272

STEVENSON, Ana-Maria The Conservative Party Candidate: 269

WALLIS, Mike Independent - Working for the Community: 191

48.1% turnout