Erewash Borough Council

Erewash election Results for Derbyshire County Council

The Erewash vote turnout for the Derbyshire County Council election was 36.45%, 77.6% of those were postal votes.
The turnout is up on 2019 when it was 32.8%.

Breadsall and West Hallam:

David Charles Adams, Reform UK: 91

Carol Ann Hart, Conservative: 2,353. Elected.

Robert Mark Mee, Liberal Democrat: 976

Ian Richard Wilson, Labour: 694


Robert Alan Parkinson, Conservative: 2,619. Elected. Seat retained.

Brent Poland, The Green Party: 942

Adam Thompson, Labour: 823

Ilkeston East:

Robert Frederick Flatley, Conservative: 1,399. Elected.

Zee Hayley Sheldon, The Green Party: 179.

Geoff Stratford, Labour: 1041.

Kristopher Watts, Liberal Democrat: 62. 

Ilkeston South:

James Clifford Hedley Dawson, Labour: 1,217

Aaron Patrick Gibson, Conservative: 1,401. Elected.

Heather Angharad Hierons, The Green Party: 168

Angela Togni, Liberal Democrat: 94

Ilkeston West:

Tony King, Conservative: 1,919. Elected. Seat is retained 

Abbie Elen Monaghan, The Green Party: 206

Jennifer Claire Smith, Liberal Democrat: 76

Dan Whittle, Labour: 1,154

Long Eaton:

Rachel Allen, Liberal Democrat: 204

Lee Charles Fletcher, The Green Party: 265

Alan Griffiths, Conservative: 1,685. Elected.

Gordon Francis Thomas, Labour: 1,215


Garry Keith Hickton, Conservative: 1,631. Elected. Seat retained.

Charlotte Louise Land, The Green Party: 319.

Laurie Morgen, Labour: 1,241.

Jane Elizabeth Oseman, Liberal Democrat: 236.


Ashley Christopher James Dunn, The Green Party: 224

Wayne Stephen Major, Conservative: 2,281. Elected. Seat retained.

Celia Jane Powers, Labour: 973.

Gaynor Watts, Reform UK: 67

Susannah Louise Watts, Liberal Democrat: 133


James Martin Archer, Liberal Democrat: 457

Kewal Singh Athwal, Conservative: 2,035. Elected.

Denise June Bond, Labour: 1,071.

Stephanie Wendy Dunn, The Green Party: 150

Jo Homer, Reform UK:  87