Equality Impact Assessments

Why undertake equality impact assessments?

Erewash Borough Council uses Equality Impact statements to show how we have considered the impact of what we are doing on our service users and the wider community.

The benefits of impact assessments include:

  • Helping to identify whether we are excluding different groups from any of our services
  • Helping to identify direct or indirect discrimination
  • Assisting us in considering alternative policies or measures that might address any adverse impact
  • Helping to make equalities part of the day to day business of the council
  • Helping us to better understand the needs and aspirations of the community we serve.

What is the end result?

Our aim is to improve our services to the residents of the borough and visitors to the area.  We want to show that we have considered the potential impacts of a policy, strategy or plan at an early stage so that potential barriers or problems can be identified, avoided and appropriate actions put in place where necessary.  Working in this way will help us to ensure that equality and diversity considerations are mainstreamed into our decision-making processes.