Covid-19 vaccines

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If you're pregnant

You can be vaccinated against coronavirus (COVID-19) if:

  • you're pregnant or think you might be
  • you're breastfeeding
  • you're trying for a baby or might get pregnant in the future

More information can be found on the NHS website. 

Watch a video where unvaccinated women who experienced severe COVID19 while pregnant encourage other expectant mums to get the vaccine.

Derbyshire Post (Long) Covid Management Service - Information for patients and carers from Joined Up Care Derbyshire

Post COVID Syndrome is also known as ‘Long COVID’ and can cover a large range of symptoms that last for 12 weeks or more after you first contracted COVID-19. You do not need to have had a positive COVID-19 test to be experiencing Post COVID-19 Syndrome.

What should I do?

If you believe you are suffering from Post (Long) Covid please make an appointment to discuss with your GP. Following your initial doctor’s appointment, if appropriate, your doctor will refer you to the Derbyshire Post (Long) Covid Management Service. This service supports people who have complex problems, following an infection of COVID-19. You will be offered an assessment and will be able to talk to an expert about the best way to manage your health. You may also be sent for more tests, if needed. The service offers an assessment of your condition which will determine if a rehabilitation plan specific to your needs is required.

What happens next?

After receiving your referral, the Post (Long) Covid Management Service team will look at your case to make sure that you have been directed to the correct service. A team member will call you and provide you with the next steps. These could be:

  • A telephone call to help the team get more information about you and your condition
  • Setting up an initial assessment with a specialist clinician which is carried out over the phone Getting advice on how to manage your problem
  • Booking a hospital appointment for further assessment
  • If needed, you will be offered an appointment at a time and place suitable for you with the Post (Long) Covid Rehabilitation Team, based either at Chesterfield Royal Hospital or Florence Nightingale Community Hospital Derby.
  • You will follow a personalised rehabilitation plan, comprising of any or all of the following areas:
  • Vocational Rehab (help to return (or to remain) in employment) Chronic Fatigue
  • Cardio/Respiratory (Breathlessness)
  • Help with managing the emotional impact of having Post (Long) Covid (Health Psychology)

Additional appointments may be set up for other services if the specialists think you need it, other services include weight management, exercise programmes and health and wellbeing support
The team will need to be able to see your medical record. If you are worried about this, please speak to the person on the phone when they call. This service is under regular review and development and will continue to adapt to the changing needs of our population.

How will we contact you?

Calls from your doctor or the Post Covid Management Service will be made Monday – Friday between 9:00am and 5:00 pm. You may be called from an unknown or withheld number. To request a copy of the information discussed with you on the telephone, you can ask the person on the call, and they will send it to you. The service may also contact you by letter, email, or text.