Neighbourhood Planning

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The 2011 Localism Act has provided communities with the opportunity to decide and influence the future of the places in which they live and work.

Through the Act, the Government has allowed communities to play a greater role in the statutory planning system by affording local people the chance, should they wish, to produce policies which help to shape neighbourhoods and plan for the required growth which is necessary to ensure towns and villages remain sustainable locations to live, work and play.

The above is most commonly done through the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan; a document which contains general planning policies for the development and use of land within a designated Neighbourhood Planning Area which must have regard for the Local Plan in place in that local planning area.

Another mechanism involves the creation of a Neighbourhood Development Order which allows a community to see planning permission automatically granted for new buildings they wish to see go ahead. This allows new homes and offices to be built without a developer having to apply for separate planning permission.

To date, two Neighbourhood Planning Areas have been designated within Erewash. These cover the parishes of Breadsall and Little Eaton. More about the progress being made in these areas, as well as information about the process followed so far, can be found on the Breadsall neighbourhood plan page and the Little Eaton Referendum page, or by accessing the relevant Parish Council's websites for Breadsall Parish Council website and Little Eaton Parish Council website.

A useful web resource has been produced by the organisation Locality. It includes wide ranging advice on neighbourhood planning, containing a number of relevant materials which provide a helpful introduction to those interested. For more information visit