Erewash Borough Council  will raise its share of council tax for 2020/21 by £5 per annum for a Band D property after the recommendation was agreed during the council’s budget setting meeting on Thursday 5 March. This will see an increase of 9p per week on the council’s charge for a Band D property.

The council has worked hard to keep the proposed increase in its share of the Council Tax bill to a minimum despite local authorities across the country continuing to face financially challenging times.

The budget proposals include savings of approximately £1m in staff costs and work continues to achieve further significant savings.

Councillor Wayne Major, Erewash Borough Council’s Deputy Leader and Lead Member for Resources, says:

“The latest savings show our commitment to do whatever we can to find effective and efficient ways of meeting the continuing financial pressures. We have worked very hard over the last few years to balance our budgets and we are well aware of the very tough challenges ahead – but we assure residents that we remain committed to providing the best service we can for them.”

The proposed £5 increase would mean that the council’s charge for a Band D property would increase from £186.59 to £191.59 per annum.

Only 11% of the total council tax bill goes towards paying for the Borough Council services. Council tax payers also have to pay an amount for services provided by Derbyshire County Council, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Derbyshire Fire and Rescue and Parish Councils – Erewash has no control over the charges set by these organisations.