The Long Eaton Town Deal Board proposed an upgrade of the pedestrian area on High Street in the March 2020 Town Investment Plan as part of the High Street project, which is being delivered by local Highways Authority, Derbyshire County Council. Those proposals are now in the detailed design phase.

 Almost 200 blue badge holders who currently park on Long Eaton High Street were contacted throughout March to let them know that works to the High Street will be carried out in early 2025. They were asked where they would like additional alternative disabled parking to be provided to minimise disruption during this time. The majority of people who responded said that additional disabled spaces in Beaconsfield Street and Claye Street car parks would be the most useful.

The improved parking provision will be made available before the works start, with a view to making it permanent. If you are a Blue Badge holder who currently parks on High Street, please complete this form on the Long Eaton Town Deal Website to let the Town Deal Board know if additional provision at Beaconsfield and Claye Street car parks would address your parking needs.

If you would prefer to respond to the form in writing please address your envelope to Town Deal, Long Eaton Town Hall, Derby Road, Long Eaton, NG10 1HU. Letters can be left at Long Eaton or Ilkeston Town Hall without paying postage.

Long Eaton secured £25million of Government funding from the Town Deal Fund for regeneration projects.

Improvements are also being made at several other locations in Long Eaton including the former Stable Block attached to the town hall, which is being converted into office space, and a number of initiatives at West Park including a new waterfront to complement the replacement bridge and new lighting.

The work to the High Street is expected to start next year.

Blue badge holders who park on Long Eaton High Street are being asked who would still need to park on the High Street if additional disabled parking provision was made in nearby car parks.

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