Temperatures are expected to be high this week and whilst many of us look forward to this, high temperatures can be dangerous for some people.

Look out for people who may be more vulnerable from heat, including the very young, older people and those who find it difficult to alter their behaviour or homes.

Guidance and information can be found at Beat the heat: staying safe in hot weather

Sign up to the new heat health alerts via metoffice.gov.uk

  • access to shade
  • monitoring for dehydration and ensuring access to fluids – remind people to drink regularly
  • change activities to avoid the hottest times of the day 11am-3pm
  • wearing appropriate clothing when outside – loose fitting clothes to cover up, wide brimmed hat, sunglasses and suncream.
  • Close windows and curtains in rooms that face the sun – open windows when the air is cooler outside than inside and then try to get air flowing through your home/venue
  • know how to spot the signs of heat exhaustion, dehydration or heatstroke and know what to do