Erewash has always prided itself on its recycling rates but did you know that if you put non-recyclable materials in your blue bin or green bags it can contaminate a whole lorry load?

This means that when it arrives at the Casepak (opens in a new window)material recycling facility the contents from one freighter could be rejected at a significant cost to the council.

A recently rejected load saw a huge 22 tonnes, or the equivalent of two full recycling vehicles, was highly contaminated with non-recyclable materials meaning none of the material went on to be recycled. The cost to the council of this was £2,300.

Large items included an air bed, a bike wheel and a baby mattress. Other contamination inlcluded black bags, hard plastics, black plastics, a car wheel rim, clothes, nappies, wood, food waste, a hose and organic waste.

Only items that can be recycled should be put in blue bins and green bags. This includes paper, cardboard, empty and clean plastic bottles, glass, cans and non-black plastic bags. If you are not sure whether something can be recycled take a look at our A-Z of recycling. This includes information on which plastics can and cannot be recycled.