Abandoned VehiclesWe deal with the majority of abandoned vehicles in Erewash.

The procedure listed below is a general guide, as each abandoned vehicle is dealt with on an individual basis.

If a vehicle is parked in a dangerous position and/or causing an obstruction, this should be reported to the police, who have powers to act.

Any other vehicles should be reported to us.  If you have a "My Erewash" account you can report an abandoned vehicle even when the office is closed or call 0115 907 2244, during office opening hours.

To register for a "My Erewash" account see thre "My account" area at the top of this page.

The procedure for dealing with an abandoned vehicle is as follows:

  • We aim to inspect all vehicles in 24 hours. Depending on the nature and location of the vehicle, we may now remove vehicles immediately or the process can take up to one to two weeks.

Vehicles on public highway

We will write to the police and DVLA to enquire about the vehicle owner.

The vehicle is checked intermittently during this process. Once the owner details have been returned from the DVLA, the owner is written to and given 3 days to remove the vehicle. The vehicle is checked again and if still present is towed away.

Cars on private land

The procedure is similar to vehicles on a public highway. A 15-day land notice is served unless written permission is received from the landowner, the above procedure would then be followed.

Further information

For the collection and disposal of abandoned vehicles within the borough please contact us:

Use your "My Erewash" account.  (See the "My account" area at the top of this page should you wish to register for an account).

Erewash Borough Council

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