How to get the most out of your collections

On collection day, place your bin and/or recycling bags at the edge of your property where it joins the footpath or road, closest to where the refuse vehicle passes. 

The bin or bags must be placed out for collection by 7am on your day of collection. Due to breakdowns, roadworks etc. we cannot guarantee your collection will take place at the same time every fortnight.

Black bins should be placed out for collection on the alternative week to your green recycling bags/blue bin, and brown bin.

Check your bin day and see the calendar for the schedule of collections

Green bags are available free of charge from Ilkeston and Long Eaton Town Halls and Shopmobility in Long Eaton or Ilkeston.  For information about buying a blue bin go the recycling section.

Recycling and reusing

Please do not put the following items into your black bin. All of these items should be placed in your green recycling bags or blue bin.

  • Plastic bottles and tubs including milk bottles, pop bottles, water bottles, cleaning and beauty product bottles, margarine tubs, butter tubs, soft cheese tubs, yoghurt pots, cream pots, ready meal food trays, empty carrier bags (please tie in a knot)

  • Food cans, drinks cans, clean foil, foil food dishes, aerosol cans (empty)

  • Paper, Newspapers, magazines, junk mail, greetings cards, envelopes, wrapping paper, yellow pages, telephone directories, paperback books, writing paper, printing paper, shredded paper

  • Cardboard and corrugated boxes, cereal and washing powder boxes, food or drink cartons (Tetra paks), egg boxes

  • Glass bottles and jars of all colours. (please remove the lids and place them in the blue bins/recycling bags.)

Garden Waste (Brown) bins

What to put in your brown bin

  • Grass cuttings, windfall fruit, weeds, hedge trimmings, dead flowers, trimmed branches no thicker than a standard food tin.

  • Wet grass and cuttings can result in a small amount of leaching from the collection vehicle when the garden waste is compacted within the freighter.  Cutting grass when it is dry helps to reduce this.

Please do not put the following items into your brown bin:

  • Soil, sand, gravel, bricks, rubble or stones. (Small amounts can be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centre on Manners Industrial estate).
  • Textiles, shoes or clothes (may be recycled at one of our recycling sites around the Borough or taken to a charity shop).
  • Food waste must not be placed in the brown bin (this can go in ether the black bin or placed in a composter).
  • Toys (these can be taken to a charity shop or sold on the internet).
  • Please do not place garden tools, garden ornaments or garden machinery such as lawn mowers in the brown bin.  (The Council may remove broken garden tools, ornaments and broken lawn mowers through the bulky collection service)
  • Vacuum cleaner contents (this can go in a compost bin!)
  • Nappies, pet waste, bubble wrap, broken crockery and cutlery, polystyrene and white polystyrene food trays should be placed in the household waste bin).

Building rubble, plaster, gravel, stones or bricks should not be placed in the black or brown bin.  Small amounts can be disposed of at the Civic Ammenity site on Manners Avenue, Ilkeston or by hiring a skip. The Council cannot remove these items for you.

Repairs to bins

The council will try and repair black and brown bins that they provide for residents to use. If your bin lid is broken or one of the wheels has come off please call the contact centre on 0115 907 2244. We will ask someone from the Waste Management Team to call and inspect the bin, so you will need to leave the bin somewhere accessible until we can get someone out to take a look.