How to get the most out of your bin collection service

Bin collection days

You can find your next bin collection day and use the calendar to identify which collection (colour bin) is specific to each week.  Black bins (household waste) should be placed out for collection on the alternative week to your green recycling bags/blue recycling bin and brown (garden waste) bin.

How to present your bins and recycling bags

On collection day place your bins and/or recycling bags at the edge of your property where it joins the footpath or road, closest to where the refuse vehicle passes.

The bin or bags must be placed out for collection by 7am on your day of collection.  We cannot guarantee your collection will take place at the same time every fortnight.  Bin lids should be closed and we are not able to take side waste on household waste (black bin) and garden waste (brown bin) collections.

Brown Bins - You can no longer use your brown bin for recycling.  Any brown bins with recycling in will not be emptied and recycling will need to be removed. 

Residents are provided with a brown bin in which to place garden waste such as;

  • Grass cuttings, leaves and shrub/bush trimmings

  • Windfall fruit

  • Hedge trimmings

  • Dead flowers, plants and weeds all with soil shaken off

  • Trimmed branches no thicker than a standard food tin. 

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Bin Collections up to March 2018

North of the Borough:  North Zone 1 North Zone 2 
South of the Borough:  South Zone 1  South Zone 2

Your local tip: Ilkeston household waste recycling centre

Ilkeston Household Waste Recycling Centre,
Manners Avenue,
Manners Industrial Estate,
Ilkeston, Derby,
DE7 8EF.

Please note this site is operated by Derbyshire County Council. The site is open from 8.30am to 6pm seven days a week except for the 25 and 26 December and the 1 January, when all recycling centres across Derbyshire are closed all day.

For further information please telephone 0115 944 0105 or visit Ilkeston Household Waste Recycling Centre - Derbyshire County Council website. 

See a full A to Z list of recycling services.

Erewash Borough Council

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