The Borough Council is required to create and maintain a Brownfield Land Register.  The Erewash Register identifies a number of eligible brownfield sites from around the Borough that the Council have recognised as being suitable to accommodate residential development.

To conform to requirements over what information is contained for each site entry, the Council has created a comprehensive Register providing interested stakeholders an insight into the key characteristics for each site. The Council has recently updated the Register, in line with the Regulations. 

The Borough Council’s Brownfield Land Register, is a standardised data table, produced to comply with Government requirements over the type and format of information called for by Regulations. The Register is divided into two parts - Part 1 and Part 2.  The Borough Council has determined that for both its first published Register and 2018 update Register will only include entries in Part 1.  These are sites which after assessment are thought suitable for residential development.  Entries in Part 2 will see sites automatically granted ‘Permission in Principle’, but no sites within the Borough have been entered into Part 2 at this stage. 

Permission in Principle provides potential developers with greater certainty regarding the characteristics of a site, including its location and development potential.  Following the award of Permission in Principle, the developer must also then secure Technical Details consent.

To help explain the approach the Borough Council has taken to address its statutory requirements over this area of work, the Planning Policy Section have produced a helpful Methodology which explains how Officers have conformed to national guidance released to help councils prepare the December 2017 Register. The Methodology includes links to all relevant Regulations and the aforementioned guidance on Brownfield Land Registers. The 2018 update involved officers reviewing the deliverability of the land and assessing whether sites were still available for development. 

Should you wish to get in touch with us to discuss any aspect of the Register then please email us.

Key Documents and Links for 2017 Brownfield Land Register:

Brownfield Land Register (CSV File): erewash_brownfieldlandregister_2017-12-05_rev1

Erewash Borough Council Methodology for Brownfield Site Selection (PDF File)

Access the interactive Brownfield Land Register layer on Erewash Maps. N.b. A Brownfield Land Register site can be located by entering the address of the site in the search box or by manually scrolling across the map on the browser.