Environmental strategy and Agenda 21

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  • Our Corporate Environmental Policy

  • EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme)

  • Erewash Environmental Strategy

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The Erewash Environmental Strategy

The Erewash Environmental Strategy has been developed using opinions, comments and ideas gathered over the past three years via Agenda 21 questionnaires, events, presentations and the creation of a Community Millennium Banner and Register. The strategy's priorities are a result of what is important to the people of Erewash and what concerns they have.

The strategy celebrates examples of action for the environment in Erewash and is a useful baseline, showing where we are now. It is a partnership document, not just intended to detail what we are doing, or could do, but also including contributions from other key Erewash stakeholders and addressing the potential for partnership working.

Following extensive consultation with external partners to gather comments on the draft, we incorporated their comments into the strategy, fleshed out its bones and provided additional information on good practice outside the local authority so that the strategy is a more complete reflection of the state of the environment and environmental action, in Erewash today.

Most importantly, those issue areas identified as needing further environmental action will be tackled through action plans, which have been incorporated into the strategy and which will be closely monitored to ensure we do all we can to help save the environment.

  • Chapter 1 - Environmental Education, Information and Responsibility

  • Chapter 2 - Wildlife and Habitats

  • Chapter 3 - Leisure, Culture and Heritage

  • Chapter 4 - Land Use, Regeneration and Housing

  • Chapter 5 - Air and Water Quality

  • Chapter 6 - Local Employment and Economy

  • Chapter 7 - Traffic and Transport

  • Chapter 8 - Sustainable Shopping

  • Chapter 9 - Food

  • Chapter 10 - Waste and Litter

  • Chapter 11 - Energy and Climate Change.

The Environmental strategy is available to download in the Strategic documents section of our website.

There will also be a short summary version of the document, together with a children's version which will shortly be available to download.