• Erewash Museum and Ilkeston Market Place, Ilkeston

    Make a lantern during the day, and join the lantern parade at 5.30pm.

    Celebrations in the Market Square until 6.30pm

    Chinese New Year is the finale to the annual Festival of Light programme and attracts approximately 400 people each year. Highlights include the lantern procession, a traditional dragon dance, ribbon dancers, live Chinese music and displays of flags, banners and illuminated animal puppets depicting animals from the Chinese Zodiac. Professional dancers, musicians and other artists work with schools and community groups to create a huge range of performing and visual art work to display. We run public workshops at Erewash Museum on approach to the final event, where children and families can participate in arts activities, such as creating lanterns to bring along to the procession. The procession leaves the museum and travels through the town centre, ending on the market square where a spectacle of performance by local children takes place.

  • Erewash Museum, High Street, Ilkeston,DE7 5JA

    11am - 3pm.

    Diwali is the Hindu festival of light; the most popular of all the festivals celebrated across the Indian sub-continent and the Sikh celebration of the return of the sixth Nanak.

    Since 2006 we have worked with a number of schools and community groups, including Indian Community Association Erewash (ICAE), to create a programme of visual and performing arts. Art work created by local children has included rangoli (patterns created by using rice and lentils), and diyas, (traditional clay pots used for burning oil). We offer open workshops so all local children and families can participate in these activities. Professional dancers and musicians also work with schools and other groups to create performances which are performed at the final celebration, a free event of music, dance and South Asian food.

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