Erewash Youth Forum is a partnership between Erewash Borough Council, Derbyshire County Council involving young people from the following schools:

The main aims of the Forum are to:

  • To listen and speak for the young people of Erewash.

  • To support students PHSE.

  • To promote equality for young people.

  • To help young people be more involved in decisions that affect their lives.

  • To advance young peoples participation in society and civic life.

  • To stimulate and improve communication between Erewash Borough Council, young people and other organisations.


Up to 5 meetings per academic year held during term time (930-1130am) at senior schools or other suitable venues in the borough. 

Code of conduct 

Young people attending a forum are:

  • Expected to conduct themselves in a manner that upholds the good reputation of the forum.
  • Accountable to the school/college or group they represent.

Young people must:

  • Conduct themselves in a manner to promote and maintain a positive reputation of the youth forum and Erewash Borough Council.
  • Not use the forum to secure any advantage for themselves or to disadvantage others.
  • Show respect to and not discriminate others.
  • Listen to, consider and respect the opinions of others.
  • Respect majority decisions.

Social media

Social networking sites and electronic media can help communication in many ways. However, all youth forum attendees are reminded:

  • They are legally liable for anything they write or present online.
  • Posting commentary, content or images that are defamatory, pornographic or proprietary will lead to disciplinary action being taken.
  • No written comment should be made that could be offensive to anyone in any of the seven Equality and Diversity strands.
  • They must not post information, photos or other items online that could reflect negatively on them, their school or college, their employer if applicable, or Erewash Borough Council and their youth forum. 

 2018/19 EBC Youth Forum minutes

 9 November 2018 - Kirk Hallam Academy
 17 January 2019 - Long Eaton School
 13 March 2019 - Friesland School
 14 May 2019 - Bennerley Fields School
 19 July 2019 - St John Houghton School

 2019/20 EBC Youth Forum dates and minutes 

 6 December 2019 - Wilsthorpe School
 13 February 2020 - Friesland School
 17 March 2020 - Friesland School - Forum cancelled as a precautionary measure to reduce risk regarding COVID 19 virus. 
 13 July 2020 - St John Houghton School - Forum cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions.  

Erewash Borough Council

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