Erewash Borough Council is committed to the sustainable management of waste. Considerable progress has been made in recent years to increase the amount of waste recycled and to reduce the amount of waste that is produced and sent to landfill.

Although Erewash currently recycles 41% of the household waste produced in the Borough, there is still more that can be done to minimise total waste arisings and to encourage more recycling. Up to 30% of Erewash’s household waste currently being sent for landfill is recyclable and the Council is determined to maximise the tonnages of waste that can be recycled. 

Erewash’s strategic approach to waste management is based on the principle of the waste hierarchy that stresses the importance of preventing waste being created in the first instance, preparing waste for reuse wherever possible through recycling or composting, considering opportunities for utilising waste for other purposes such as energy recovery before finally considering disposal.

The Council has developed a Waste Management Plan which can be found below: