Erewash’s Smarter Choices Plan is one of the plans which collectively contribute to the Council’s overarching approach to Natural Resources, and provides local guidance and recommendations on smarter transport policies and measures to be implemented locally in partnership with Derbyshire County Council and others.

The proposed approach is to ensure that smarter travel is effectively promoted through a strategic approach which maximises sustainable travel in the Borough and as a consequence, reduces congestion and carbon emissions and improves the health of Erewash residents.

‘Smarter Choices refers to a variety of methods and initiatives which reduce the negative impacts of travel on congestion, carbon emissions, the environment and health’  - (ACT Travelwise)

Smarter Choices measures include a diverse range of activities such as providing information and raising awareness of alternatives; marketing campaigns and events; promoting cycling, walking and public transport use; travel planning with employers, schools and residents; promoting more efficient use of the car through improved driver behaviour, car sharing and car clubs; and reducing the need to travel through the use of new technologies and flexible work patterns.

Smarter Choices measures are by definition promotional measures which tend to rely on revenue funding. To promote alternative, more sustainable ways of travelling of course depends upon the provision of good quality alternatives and it is therefore vital that smarter choices programmes are integrated with and developed alongside improvements to transport networks and services.  Therefore, the Smarter Choices Plan will need to be developed and implemented in close collaboration with local transport policies and programmes being delivered by Derbyshire County Council, Erewash Borough Council and other key partners.

The Smarter Choices Plan will also support the implementation of the emerging Erewash Core Strategy, which is currently being examined by an independent planning inspector and is due to be published later in 2013. A particular focus of the Smarter Choices Plan will be the mitigation of the peak time transport impacts generated by the development of over 6,000 new homes across the Borough.

The Smarter Choices Plan below outlines the actions required and progress already made in developing climate resilient services within Erewash whilst facilitating the work being carried out across the organisation on Active Travel, the Smarter Choices Plan also forms the first stage in a process of developing a system of implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Active Travel actions.