Erewash Borough Council is committed in tackling the causes of climate change through reduced energy use and sustainable transport. The Council has a key role of leading by example, reducing our own emissions and raising awareness and encouraging behaviour change. This commitment is made prominent in the Erewash Corporate Plan ‘Driving for Success’ 2012 – 2016 with a priority of ‘making Erewash cleaner, greener and safer’ by ‘reducing Erewash’s impact on the use of natural resources. Additionally there are a number of Acts and Policies which provide Erewash Borough Council with the national policy levers to influence low carbon and climate change in the future;

  • Climate Change Act 2008

  • Energy Act 2011

  • National Planning Framework 

Given these challenges, the Council has developed a suite of plans which are collectively known as the Council’s Natural Resources Strategy and include the following;

Other Council plans which have been developed which contribute to mitigating climate change include the following;

  • Private Sector Housing Strategy (which includes Erewash’s affordable warmth strategy)

  • Erewash Core Strategy

  • Erewash Emergency and Business Continuity Plans

The Natural Resources Strategy secures the Councils commitment to Climate Local which was signed by the Leader of the Council on 28 March 2013 and set out how Erewash Borough Council will minimise our longer term impact on our natural resources.