Local authorities are under no legal obligation to provide assistance during flooding situations and home owner's are reminded that it is their individual responsibility to protect their own property.

However, Erewash Borough Council would like to remind residents of the necessary steps they can take in order to cope with and be prepared for flooding, as well as reminding residents of the assistance the Council and other organisations can give. 

Being Prepared

  • Coping with FloodingSandbags: Due to an initiative between Erewash Borough Council and Derbyshire County Council, residents can collect up to 10 free empty sandbags with flood advice documents from either Ilkeston or Long Eaton Town Halls and from any Erewash Borough Council Leisure/Sports Centre at any time whilst no flooding is taking place. It is strongly advised that residents - particularly those living in high-risk flooding areas - equip themselves with these bags to ensure they are prepared in-case of flooding. Residents are also able to buy sandbags from builders merchants or all good DIY stores.

    • Residents are also able to buy sandbags from builders merchants or all good DIY stores

  • Are you at risk? Find out if your property is deemed at risk of flooding by calling Floodline on 0845 988 1188 or visit the Environment Agency website and enter your postcode in the 'Am I at risk section'.

  • Prepare: The most important thing is to prepare now. Don't wait until flooding looks likely as you won’t have time to buy or put the measures in place.

  • Protecting your property: For detailed information on steps you can take to protect your property, please see the 'Preparing your property for flooding' PDF in the Related Documents section at the foot of this article. You can also find further details on flooding, flood protection equipment etc on the Environment Agency and National Flood Forum websites (see links below).

Staying up-to-date

Responding to Flooding

Although the Council does not have a statutory duty to provide assistance in the event of flooding, it recognises that many residents look to the Council for emergency assistance in times of crisis. The Council therefore aims to provide a limited number of free filled sandbags where there is an immediate risk of flooding. 

This is in line with the Derbyshire-wide free sandbag policy and is based on a suitable assessment of risk. The assessment will take into account:

  • Whether the property has been flooded before

  • The source of the potential flood

  • How far the water is from the property.

When flood alerts/severe weather warnings are issued by the Environment Agency/Met Office, residents living in areas deemed at risk of flooding can call Erewash Borough Council and request free filled sandbags to be delivered to their property. However, no guarantees can be made in terms of how soon these bags can be sent out as staff may need to be called in (out of office hours) to fill sandbags.

Only small amounts of sandbags are stored already filled as the bags will rot if stored full. As such it is strongly advised you equip yourself with sandbags before any risk of flooding arises.

  • If you are unable to access sandbags in the event of a flood, you can create your own by filling a pillow case with soil.

  • Switch-off electric and gas supplies

  • Move important items to safety

  • For further advice on what to do during or after a flood, please see the PDF in the Related Documents section at the foot of this article or the Environment Agency and National Flood Forum websites. 

Who to Contact

Erewash Borough Council
Tel: (0115) 907 2244
For out of hours emergencies please telephone 01629 533078

Derbyshire County Council Emergency Planning Division
Tel: 01629 538364

Maintenance and Control of Non Main River Flood Defences
Out of Office Hours: 0115 907 2244

Foul Sewage Problem - Severn Trent Water Authority
Tel: 0800 783 4444

Water on the highway - Derbyshire County Council
Tel: 0845 605 8058

Derbyshire Fire Service (for pumping out)
Tel: 01332 771221

Environment Agency Floodline (advice on river levels)
Tel: 0845 988 1188

Met Office
Tel: 0870 900 0100 or 01392 885680

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