Climate Local is a Local Government Association (LGA) initiative to drive, inspire and support council action on a changing climate.  The initiative supports councils' efforts both to reduce carbon emissions and also to improve their resilience to the affects of our changing climate.

It succeeds the Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change (which Erewash joined in 2008) and offers a framework that can reflect local priorities and opportunities for action.  Climate Local is helping councils across the country to realise the opportunities and capture the benefits of action on climate change, including saving on their energy bills, generating income from renewable energy, attracting new jobs and investment in 'green' industries, reducing flood risks, tackling fuel poverty and protecting our natural environment.

Erewash Borough Council is committed in tackling the causes of climate change through reduced energy use and sustainable transport. The Council has a key role of leading by example, reducing our own emissions and raising awareness and encouraging behaviour change. The Natural Resources Strategy secures the Councils commitment to Climate Local which was signed by the Leader of the Council on 28 March 2013 and set out how Erewash Borough Council will minimise our longer term impact on our natural resources.

In signing the Climate Local Commitment the Council pledged to set locally-owned and determined targets and actions on both mitigation and adaptation to climate change and publish these within six months.

Our published priorities and commitments to Climate Local are shown below.  We will monitor our performance against these actions and report regularly on our progress. We will also refresh this list of actions to ensure they are up-to-date and reflect local priorities.