The Adaptation Plan document outlines the Borough Council’s strategy to adapt to future climate change and build resilience within its service delivery and the Erewash community.

Adapting to climate change is a key component in ensuring a sustainable future for Erewash and the Borough Council.

There is now general acceptance that our climate is changing, and mainstream science including the 4th Assessment Report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) identifies human activity relating to the burning of fossil fuels as the main driver of this change.

There are a number of potential risks and opportunities arising where climate change impacts upon our environmental, social and economic systems. Erewash Borough Council has a critical role to play in working with Derbyshire County Council, partners and communities to plan and ensure Erewash is prepared and resilient to climate change.

The Adaptation Action Plan below outlines the actions required and progress already made in developing climate resilient services within Erewash.  Whilst facilitating the work being carried out across the organisation on climate change resilience, the Adaptation Action Plan also forms the first stage in a process of developing a system of implementation, monitoring and evaluation of climate adaptation actions.