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Amended and Additional Documents

Updated Bat Survey Findings – Dec 2014

Indicative Master Plan

Development Specification

Parameter Plan: Buildings to be Retained
Parameter Plan: Access and Movement
Parameter Plan: Green Infrastructure
Parameter Plan: Land Use Plan
Parameter Plan: Phasing Plan Parameter Plan
Parameter Plan: Residential Density
Parameter Plan: Scale

D&A Statement Part 1
D&A Statement Part 2

Phasing Statement
Phasing Statement Appendix 1
Phasing Statement Appendix 2
Phasing Strategy

Coal Extraction

Environmental Statement

Environmental Statement Addendum

Appendix B
Access and Movement
Residential Density
Green Infrastructure
Phasing Plan Parameter Plan Review
Land Use Plan

Appendix C: Buildings to be Retained

Appendix D
Phasing Strategy
Revised Visual Effects Table
Updated GCN Survey 2014
Invertebrate Addendum
Supporting Letter
Retail Impact Addendum

Appendix E
Socio-Economic Addendum
Geology and Archaeology Letter
Noise Mitigation Assessment

Appendix F
Figure 9.1: Bund Barrier Design
Figure 9.2: Noise Contours

Appendix 1.1 
Scoping Report
Letter to Erewash Borough Council Re: Scoping Opinion
Formal Scoping Opinion

Appendix 1.2: Summary of Grove Farm Tip Application

Appendix 1.3: Energy Statement

Appendix 3.1
New Stanton - Phasing Strategy Statement
Phrasing Strategy

Appendix 4.1: Schedule 4 of EIA 2011 Regulations

Appendix 5.1
Figure 5.1 L1 Site Context Plan A1 LQ
Fig 5.2 L5 Aerial Photograph A1 LQ
Fig 5.3 Site Appraisal Plan A1 LQ
Figure 5.4 L4 Visual Appraisal Plan A1 LQ

Appendix 5.2
Site Appraisal Photographs LQ
Site Context Photographs LQ

Appendix 5.3: LIVA Methodology

Appendix 5.4
Nottingham, Derbyshire and Yorkshire Coalfield Character Area 38 Part 1
Nottingham, Derbyshire and Yorkshire Coalfield Character Area 38 Part 2
The Landscape Character of Derbyshire

Appendix 5.5: Visual Effects Table

Appendix 5.6
New Stanton Tree Survey
Stanton Tree Survey Plan

Appendix 6.3: Preliminary Geo-Environmental Assessment Summary

Appendix 6.4
Remediation Strategy
Stanton Groundwater Report
Stanton Zone A and B Report
Stanton Zone C Report
Stanton Zone D Report
Stanton Zone E Report
Stanton Zone F Report

Appendix 7.2: Hydrology and Hydraulic Modelling Addendum Report

Appendix 8.1: Desk Study Data

Appendix 8.2: Vegetation

Appendix 8.3: Bats

Appendix 8.5: Birds

Appendix 8.6: Amphibians

Appendix 8.7: Reptiles

Appendix 8.8: Invertebrates (Superseded)

Appendix 9.1: Air Quality Assessment

Appendix 9.2-9.5: Baseline Noise Survey

Appendix 10.2: Framework Travel Plan

Appendix 11.1: Archaeology DBA

12.1: Regeneration and Socio-Economic

Appendix 12.2
Retail Statement
Retail Appendices Part 1
Retail Appendices Part 2
Retail Appendices Part 3
Retail Appendices Part 4


Original Documents

Application Form
Site Location Plan
Indicative Masterplan
Development Specification
Parameter Plan 1: Land Uses
Parameter Plan 2: Scale
Parameter Plan 3: Residential Density
Parameter Plan 4: Access & Movement
Parameter Plan 5: Parameter Plan 5: Green Infrastructure
Parameter Plan 6: Phasing Plan
Highways Design: Plan 1
Highways Design: Plan 2
Highways Design: Plan 2 (Long Section)
Highways Design: Plan 3
Highways Design: Plan 4
Highways Design: Plan 6
Aerial Plan
Design & Access Statement
Contents: 0
Introduction: 1
Assessment: 2.0-2.8, 2.9-2.11, 2.12&2.14
Involvement: 3
Evaluation: 4
Design: 5.0-5.115.12-5.19, 5.20-5.26
Conclusion: 6
Planning Statement
Statement of Community Engagement
Sustainability Strategy
Employment Land Supply Review
Appendix A - Amber Business Centre
Appendix B - Blenheim Park
Appendix C - Langham Park
Appendix D - Castlewood BP
Appendix E - EMDC
Appendix F - The Point WB
Appendix G - Poplars Court
Appendix H - Ash Tree Court
Appendix I - The Village
Appendix J - Eldon BP
Appendix K - Eastwood Link
Appendix L - Markham Vale
Appendix M - Derby Commercial Park
Appendix N - ProLogis Park Eastwood
Appendix O - Prologis Mansfield
Appendix P - Forbes Park
Site Management Plan

Environmental Statement

Non-Technical Summary
Scoping Report

Appendix 1.1 - Scoping Opinion
Appendix 1.2 - Summary of Grove Farm Tip Application
Appendix 1.3 - Energy Strategy

Appendix 3.1 - Phasing Strategy

Appendix 4.1 - Copy of Schedule 4 of EIA 2011 Regulations

Appendix 5.1 - Landscape and Visual Figures
Appendix 5.2 - Site Application
Appendix 5.3 - Visual Appraisal Methodology
Appendix 5.4 - Countryside Character Details
Appendix 5.5 - Visual Effects Table
Appendix 5.6 - Tree Survey

Appendix 6.1 - Flood Risk Assessment
Appendix 6.2 - Preliminary Risk Assessment (April 2012)
 - Tables 
 - Figures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 
 - Appendices
Appendix 6.3 - Preliminary Geo-Environmental Assessment Summary (June 2012) 
 - Figures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 
 - Appendices
Appendix 6.4 - Outline Remediation Strategy (June 2012)  
 - Preliminary Risk Assessment 
   - Tables
   - Figures; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 
   - Appendices 
 - Preliminary Geo-environmental Site Assessment
   - Zone A & B 
   - Zone C 
   - Zone D 
   - Zone E 
   - Zone F
 - Preliminary Controlled Waters Site Assessment

Appendix 7.1 - Flood Risk Assessment 
 - Appendices A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, JK, L 
 - Figures; 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-16
Appendix 7.2 - Supplementary Flooding Report

Appendix 8.1 - Desk Based Study
Appendix 8.2 - Vegetation and habitats baseline
Appendix 8.3 - Bat Surveys
Appendix 8.5 - Breeding Bird Survey
Appendix 8.6 - Great Crested Newt and other Amphibians Survey
Appendix 8.7 - Reptiles Survey
Appendix 8.8 - Invertebrates Survey
Appendix 8.8 - Invertebrates Survey Addendum

Appendix 9.1 - Air Quality Assessment
Appendix 9.2 - Location of Noise Receptor
Appendix 9.3 - Background Noise Levels
Appendix 9.4 - Noise Model
Appendix 9.5 - Construction Phasing Works

Appendix 10.1 - Transport Assessment
- Appendices; A, B, C, D, E (Report, Appendices; A, B, C; Part 1Part 2), F, G, H (Part 1, Part 2), I, J, K (Part 1, Part 2), L
Appendix 10.2 - Travel Plan

Appendix 11.1 - Archaeology Desk Based Assessment
Appendix 11.2 - Appraisal of Standing Buildings
 - Contents and Sections 1-3
 - Section 4
 - Sections 5-9
 - Section 11; Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
 - Section 12 - Plates; 1-36, 37-66, 67-96, 97-126, 127-158, 159-188, 189-218, 219-246

Appendix 12.1 -Socio Economic / Regeneration Statement
Appendix 12.2 - Retail Impact Assessment
- Appendices: A, B, C (Part 1, Part 2), D, E

Figure 2 Geo Environmental Zones
Figures 7.1 – 7.3 Water
Figures 8.1 – 8.3B & 8.4 – 8.6 Ecology
Figures 10.1 – 10.6 Transport
Figures 11.1 – 11.10 Archaeology


Street naming and numbering is a legal function to allocate house numbers and road names logically to any new developments and property conversions, so that emergency service vehicles (ambulances, fire appliances and police) are able to speedily locate any address to which they may be summoned; and to enable effective delivery of mail. 

Please note that we do not determine postcodes, but where necessary can request new postcodes from the Royal Mail after new street names and numbers have been agreed. Royal Mail will not allocate postcodes without this formal notification from us.

Owners/developers will encounter difficulties in obtaining mail, goods and services from a variety of sources if they do not have an official postal address. For example, this could cause difficulties when applying for a credit card, obtaining goods by mail order or requesting installation of new services or utilities.

It is recommended that owners/developers commence the street naming and numbering process as soon as possible after receiving approval for a planning application and at the latest this should be before any new building development or conversion is completed. This is due to the fact that the consultation process for approving new street names can take a considerable amount of time.

To reduce the consultation period, the council has an approved street name list that has already passed through part of the consultation phase. Owners and developers can select new street names from this list or alternatively can suggest their own names. 


Further information

Street naming and numbering throughout Erewash is a function of the GIS (Geographical Information Systems) Team.

For further information and advice about street naming and numbering, please email the GIS team at or contact them by telephone on 0115 907 2244.

Alternatively you can download the street naming and numbering Guidance and Application Forms.


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