The Erewash Tenancy Strategy

Guidance for Registered Providers of Social Housing

Registered Providers are otherwise known as Housing Associations or Registered Providers of Social Housing. They build, buy and manage homes, much in the way that some councils do with council housing. In Erewash, the Council transferred all its council housing to a Registered Provider in 2002 and its homes are now owned by East Midlands Homes. There are 14 registered providers in Erewash, managing 6,700 homes.

Although it no longer owns any properties, the Council is still expected to have an overview of housing in the borough and to enable, guide and plan for the housing which is needed by our residents.

New laws introduced by the government, made changes to the way registered providers (housing associations) look after their housing and build new housing.

The Erewash Tenancy Strategy is guidance about how the Council expects registered providers in its area to manage their homes and operate the tenancies of the people renting from them.

The full tenancy strategy document and appendices can be downloaded below:

  • Erewash Tenancy Strategy - Guidance for Registered Providers
  • Erewash Tenancy Strategy - Appendices

There is a shorter Summary Document and a Non-Technical Summary for other organisations, residents and Members which can be downloaded below:

  • Erewash Tenancy Strategy - Summary
  • Erewash Tenancy Strategy - Non-Technical Summary

The tenancy policies for the individual registered providers can be obtained from them directly.