Erewash Borough Council

Members' Grants Guidance Notes 

For the 2021/22 financial year each councillor will have £250 available to award to organisations (where applicable some councillors will have an additional amount available to them as a result of carrying forward unallocated grant funding from 2020/21). The Scheme allows a wide degree of flexibility in the type of project a member may support. It is for each member to determine which project or organisation they wish to support and the amount they wish to allocate.

What can be funded?

Activities that complement the Council’s core priorities:
  • A welcoming borough that is clean and safe;
  • Supporting our communities;
  • Planning for the future;
  • A well run and efficient council.

Organisations (including registered charities, community and voluntary groups, Community Interest Companies, Social Enterprises) within the Councillors own Ward, or Councillors may join together to support a project covering two (or more) Wards. 

Councillors can allocate up to £250 per organisation and may also jointly fund projects up to the maximum of their individual allowance.

Capital purchase items.

Projects where there is an external Match Funding contribution. However funds will not be released until the additional funding has been secured. 

What can’t be funded? 

  • Individuals, or projects where only one person will benefit. 
  • Revenue items for example on-going running costs such as salaries and rent.
  • Activities that should normally be funded by a statutory organisation e.g. supporting statutory   curriculum delivery or the purchase of teaching materials.
  • Party political activities.
  • Applications for retrospective funding. (Such as expenditure incurred prior to the approval of the grant).
  • Double funding where funding have been obtained from alternative sources for the same thing.


The recipients of funding from the scheme must acknowledge the Borough Council’s support.  However, councillors should note that the Borough Council itself cannot organise this publicity it is for councillors themselves or the organisations supported to organise (such as contacting the local press).

How the scheme operates

The scheme is administered by the Community Engagement Officer at Erewash Borough Council and copies of the application form can be requested from them or completed online via the council’s website.

Please note:

  • This scheme is for one-off activities and it should be made clear to recipients that there is no promise of ongoing funding in future years;
  • Applications must contain accurate and complete project/organisation payee details;
  • All funding awards must be spent within the current financial year, or within 6 months of the date of the award letter, any funds remaining after this time must be returned to the council.

*As a reminder, only applications approved by EBC councillors can be submitted. Wherever possible to minimise printing and postage costs electronic submissions are to be encouraged, such as via the scheme's online application form or via email to the Community Engagement Officer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Alternatively, applications can be submitted by post to: Community Engagement Officer, Erewash Borough Council, Ilkeston Town Hall, Wharncliffe Road, Ilkeston, DE7 5RP.

Upon receipt of the correctly completed documents, which must include confirmed payee details, the Leader or their Deputy for each respective political party and EBC's Director of Environmental and Community Services will consider if each application is suitable for funding. Independent or single party members will have their applications considered by EBC’s Director of Environmental and Community Services and one other EBC Senior Management Team member.

Approved applications will be passed to the administering officer to process for payment. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the council will then arrange payment of the award either by cheque sent directly to the successful organisation or by BACs transfer within one month of receipt of the paperwork.

Examples of projects supported include:

  • Community café refurbishment;
  • Equipment for a youth club;
  • IT equipment and accessories for a pre-school;
  • Decorating materials for a community garden;
  • Kirk Hallam Lakeside annual festival;
  • New bench in a toddler play area.