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Applying for a Fast Funding Community Grant

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Fast Funding Community Grants Guidance - Scheme now closed. 

Applications received before the extended deadline are now being processed and all applicants will be notified of the awarding panel's decision as soon as possible. 


EBC Fast Funding Grants (formerly Small Grants Community Chest awards), up to a maximum of £500, are available to community organisations for projects that will improve the overall quality of life and wellbeing of residents in Erewash in line with the council’s current Corporate Plan Priorities.

Eligibility for funding.

Organisations or groups must be formally constituted or in the process of setting this up. Individuals are not eligible to apply. Therefore, community organisations or groups must have:

  • A governing document such as a Constitution or Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  • A bank account with two unrelated signatories.

Full eligibility criteria can be found on the EBC website or are available on request by contacting the council’s Community Engagement Officer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Application process.

Subject to funding remaining available applications can be submitted at any time between 1st April and 20th December. The council will give preference to applications which meet its 2021-2023 Corporate Plan priorities:

  • A welcoming borough, that is clean and safe;
  • Support our communities;
  • Planning for the future;
  • A well run and efficient council.

In addition applications that can demonstrate a positive impact on one or more of the following areas will be welcomed:

  • Improving community cohesion;
  • Improving mental and physical health;
  • Reducing social and economic inequality;
  • Reducing barriers to activities.

For information about suggested activities to support these priorities please visit the council’s website. 

Applications will be processed as follows:                         

  • On receipt by EBC all applications will be subject to pre-grant due diligence and checked for eligibility and completeness, additional information may be requested;
  • As soon as practicably possible, all applications will be considered by an Award Panel;
  • No expenditure should be incurred before being informed formally that an application has been successful and a Fast Funding Grant award has been approved.

Assessment of application.

The Award Panel will be looking for applications to contain information outlining:

  • Clear evidence of need for the project, including an explanation of how it has been identified;
  • Details of appropriate costings;
  • The benefits and positive impact that the project will have on Erewash residents and communities;
  • Where applicable, how the project will be funded in future years.

Following assessment by the Award Panel:

  • All applicants will be notified of the Panel’s decision in writing. Their decisions are final and will not be subject to any appeals process;
  • Grant awards are issued subject to the terms and conditions of EBC’s 2020-2024 Community Grant Policy;
  • Payment of grant awards will be made by BACS transfer at the earliest opportunity.

Support to complete the Fast Funding Grant application form.

  • Further guidance and assistance if required is available by contacting the council’s Community Engagement Officer.