Smoke Control Areas

A local authority can declare all, or part of its area as a Smoke Control Area. Many of the urban areas in Erewash have been designated as Smoke Control Areas.

It is an offence to allow smoke emission from a chimney in a Smoke Control Area, unless the smoke has resulted from the use of an 'authorised fuel'. Further information on exempt appliances and authorised fuels can be found on the Defra UK Smoke Control Area website.

Smoke control areas are used to improve areas that suffer from widespread smoke pollution rather than individual smoky chimneys or bonfires. Nuisance powers under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 are available to deal with individual complaints or issues from a specific source of smoke.

To find out if your house in Erewash Borough is in a Smoke Control Area, you can:

  • check our smoke control area maps via 'My Maps' tab / Environment / Smoke Control Areas and search by address, or

  • contact Environmental Health on 0115 9072244 ext 3820 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Further information on open fires and smoke control areas: