Land and Property

We have changed the way that inward investment and property enquiries are handled.

The new method, centred on an internet-based system, allows property agents to add and update listed commercial land and properties that are available. This ensures that the database provides a regularly updated portfolio of both commercial land and property available within the Erewash region.

The new system will allow for enquirers and investors to run specific searches for properties fulfilling their specific premises requirements.

Additionally, the new system will also display images of the land and property and provides briefs on the properties features and location and, if available, outlined planning conditions that apply to the property.

To search for commercial land and property within Erewash, please visit the property search website.

Public Open Space Disposal Notices

We have a legal obligation to publicly share any intention for open space ‘disposals’ (the sale or lease of land). This is usually done by sharing notices in The Derby Telegraph for two consecutive weeks and making any plans available at our offices at Ilkeston Town Hall and Long Eaton Civic Centre.  In addition, and to make it easier to access this information, we will also share notices via the links provided below:

Notice near DE7 8TE | Public Notice Portal

Notice near DE7 4NE | Public Notice Portal

Notice near DE72 3JB | Public Notice Portal

Vacant Shops

If you have an enquiry regarding which commercial properties are currently vacant in your area please visit Erewash Borough Councils open data page. Here you will find a section titled empty commercial property with a list of properties considered vacant for the purpose of Business Rates.