Erewash Borough Council

Council Tax £150 Energy Rebate

Who can get this £150 rebate?

Householders whose main residence is in a band A to D property (or living in a band E property and entitled to a disabled band reduction) will qualify for this rebate where they are resident and liable for Council Tax on 1st April 2022. If you don’t know which band your property is in, you can find it on your latest Council Tax bill or use the Valuation Office website to check using this link Check your Council Tax band - GOV.UK (

Empty properties and second homes are excluded from receiving a payment under this scheme.

In addition the council has been given £184,500 to distribute under a discretionary scheme. You can find out if you will qualify for support under the discretionary scheme and details of how to apply on our Discretionary Energy Rebate page.


Government guidance states that all payments are to be made by 30 September 2022.  After that date payments are not allowed.  In preparation for payment of the last batch of £150 payments before 30 September 2022, we had to close our application process at midnight on 31 August 2022.

In order that nobody loses their entitlement to the £150, we will be checking our records to see who failed to apply.  Anyone who meets the criteria will have £150 credited to their council tax account by the end of September 2022.  Due to the potential numbers involved, we will NOT be recalculating instalments or issuing new bills.  We will issue further guidance on how to check if you have received this credit in early October.  

I have received a £150 payment but do not think I am entitled to it or I do not want it

If you do not believe you meet the qualifying criteria, you may be required to pay it back.

If you have a received a payment that you are not entitled to we will contact you with details of how to repay the money.  

If you do not want the payment for any other reason the council cannot accept it back.  Although it is a payment from the government to assist with rising energy costs you are free to spend it as you wish. If you do not want it you may donate it to charity or gift to someone else as you see fit.  

Where can I find out more information?

More information about the £150 rebate, as well as other ways the government is helping with rising energy costs, is available on the Government's website.

Advice for customers requesting a Council Tax band review

If you want to request a review of your Council Tax band, you will need to explain to the Valuation Office Agency why you believe your band is incorrect and provide supporting evidence.  More information can be found on the Government's website:

Guidance from the Valuation Office Agency 

Challenging Your Band - Valuation Office Agency Article