Scheme Closed

The final round of 2018/19 closed on 17 December 2018. Applications will now be assessed and all applicants will be notified of the award panel's decision as soon as is practicable.

Subject to the approval of the 2019/20 EBC Budget, details of further funding rounds in 2019 will be published here.

Erewash Borough Council's Community Grant Scheme gives both large and small voluntary organisations the chance to apply for funding of up to £2,000 for projects and services that benefit Erewash residents. The Council has continued its support for voluntary organisations and has again made funding available to help as many groups as possible.

The Community Grants programme offers the chance for organisations and groups to apply for a grant of up to £2,000, subject to eligibility, for innovative projects that help and support residents in the borough and the council is particularly keen to hear about new or ground-breaking projects that could be helped by the money.

Applicants are encouraged to read the scheme Help Notes to ensure the prerequisite documentation is included with their application in order for it to be processed.

Applications must also contain detailed information including:

• What specifically the funding is being requested for, including how has the need been identified;

• How exactly will the funding be used;

• What the benefits will be to Erewash residents and the council as a result of an award being made;

• What evaluation methods will organisations be using, including how and when.

Applicants are respectfully reminded:

• They must provide the prerequisite documentation to permit their application to be processed;

• Their application must contain detailed explanations of exactly why and what the funding is being requested for and how it will be used.

Once your application is received it is considered final so please ensure that it is completed fully.


Assessing Applications

Every application received is considered on its own merit alongside all other applications and is subject to a two stage assessment process. Firstly, applications are scored and must meet the minimum threshold of 40% in order for them to progress to the second stage, consideration by the Awards Panel. The Help Notes detail which questions are "weighted" and also provide suggestions on the sort of information you should include to achieve as high a score as possible.

The Awards Panel do not use prior knowledge of your organisation or your project so it is essential that you complete the application form as fully as possible.

All applicants will be notified of the Awards Panel decision, which is final, and there is no appeal process.

Future Funding Rounds

Subject to the approval of the 2019/20 EBC Budget, details of further funding rounds in 2019 will be published here.

Further information and advice

For all enquiries regarding the Community Grant Scheme please contact the council's Community Engagement Officer on 0115 907 2244 ext. 3575 or email

Sports Grants

Sports organisations can now apply for a grant of up to a maximum of £500. The main objective of an EBC sports grant is to faclitate the introduction of and development of sports and physical activities.

All applicants must demonstrate their project is needed and provides added value to other provisions in the area, applicants are encouraged to read the sports application guidance notes and help notes before applying.

Arts Grants

If you are an Arts Organisation you can apply for a grant of up to a maximum of £800, subject to availability, at any time of the year.  

Please contact the Arts Development Team via email or telephone ext. 0115 907 2244 ext. 4326 for advice on arts based activities and to check the availability of funding before submitting an application.  


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