Current Applications

These documents contain information about new applications and variations for premises licences and club premises certificates under the Licensing Act 2003. This is when an an individual or organisation applies for a premises licence or club certificate to carry out licensable activities such as the retail of alcohol, providing regulated entertainment or the provision of late night refreshment.

The applications, licences and supporting documentation will also be available to view, by appointment, at the Civic Offices, Derby Road, Long Eaton, Derbyshire NG10 1HU.

Current Applications

These applications are currently serving a statutory consultation period and have not yet been issued by the licensing authority unless a 'Granted' date is given. (Information to be added).



13 NovemberHeron Foods, 68-70 Bath Street, Ilkeston. View application for sale of alcohol. (Downloads as Word doc)
25 NovemberGlenn Richardson of Wayfairer, 307 Nottingham Road, Ilkeston. View application to vary a premises licence. (Downloads as Word doc 71.41 KB)
10 DecemberWM Morrision supermarkets PLC of Morrisons, Field  Road, Ilkeston. View application for variation to a premises licence. (PDF)
15 December Leroy's Kebab House, 17 Tamworth Road, Long Eaton. Derbyshire Police application for review of premises licence (Downloads as PDF 212.54 KB). 
15 DecemberLee Mellor of Ram Stores, 105 Derby Road, Long Eatron. Viw Application for minor variation to premises licence. (Downloads as PDF 210.43 KB.)
 4 JanuaryShell Uk Oil Products Ltd, Shell Ockbrook, A52 Brian Clough Way, Ockbrook. Viw Application (Word doc 71.42 KB) for minor variation of a premises licence. 
8 JanuaryBeer Metropolis Ltd, Unit 8b, Old Mill Hall Business Park, Alfreton Road, Little Eaton. View Application for premises licence (PDF 212.65 kb) for sale of alcohol.
11 JanuaryMasoud Obeid Abdal of Long Eaton mini market, 59 Derby Road, Long Eaton. Application for premises licence PDF 212.46 KB.


A key feature of the new licensing regime is to allow anyone to have a say in licensing applications that they think may affect them, as well as ensuring that the Responsible Authorities such as the police, public health, planning, fire, trading standards, child protection and environmental health officers also have the opportunity to submit their recommendations and take action if problems occur after the grant of a premises licence.

The 2003 Act permits anyone to make a 'representation' if they think they will be affected by an application for a premises licence. This includes any individual, body, business or organisation. Whilst any of these persons may act in their own right, they may also request that a representative makes a representation to the licensing authority on their behalf. A representative may include a legal representative, a friend, a Member of Parliament, or a local ward or parish Councillor who can all act in such a capacity.

If they think granting a new, or changing an existing licence or certificate would undermine any of the licensing objectives, they can make representations to the relevant licensing authority. Any representation made by these persons must be 'relevant' to the licensing objectives. They can also ask the licensing authority to review a current premises licence or club certificate if problems occur which undermine the licensing objectives. The licensing objectives are:

  • The prevention of crime and disorder

  • Public safety

  • The prevention of public nuisance

  • The protection of children from harm.

This may affect pubs, clubs, bars. restaurants, supermarkets, off licences, cinemas, theatres, community premises and late night takeaways to name just a few. Under the Act the licensing authority must publish a Statement of Licensing Policy describing how it will promote the licensing objectives above.

Please be aware that it is an offence to knowingly or recklessly make a false statement in connection with an application. The maximum fine which a person is liable on summary conviction for the offence is £5000.

Further Information

For further information regarding Current Applications, please contact the Licensing Section using the details below:

Licensing Office
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