Pub issued with emergency closure order

The Steamboat Inn at Trent Lock in Sawley has been closed after Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notices were served by Erewash Borough Council when an inspection found mouse droppings in the kitchen and alongside drinking glasses on shelves in the bar area.

The notices were confirmed by Southern Derbyshire Magistrates Court on Friday (29 August) and will remain in force until the business can put measures in place to remove the risk to public health.

An officer from the council’s food health and safety team visited the pub last Wednesday (27 August) after two separate complaints from members of the public about mice at the premises.

Mouse droppings were found under kitchen equipment, close to food serving and food preparation equipment such as the microwave oven and on plates.  A live mouse was also seen during the visit.  Further investigation in the bar area found mouse droppings on shelves where drinking glasses being used for customers were stored, while evidence of mice was also found in other parts of the premises.

The council served Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notices for food preparation and for the ‘wet sales’ area, which effectively closed the whole premises. On Friday, Southern Derbyshire Magistrates Court made Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Orders supporting the action taken by the council.

Councillor Barbara Harrison, Erewash Borough Council’s Lead Member for Environment, says:

“It was important that we acted quickly after concerns were raised by members of the public. Our primary aim in these situations is to protect the health of the public and finding mouse droppings close to food serving equipment is a serious risk.

“Our food health and safety team is also there to help businesses and the business owner in this case has co-operated with us fully. We will continue to work and support them to help resolve this issue.”

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